Enjoy the Best New Eateries near University of Tucson

restaurant in Tucson

Tucson is fortunate to have incredible dining options with everything from casual food trucks to upscale restaurants. While everyone has their favorite restaurants around the city that they visit again and again, it’s nice to explore some of the latest entries onto the food scene. For those looking for the best eateries around our apartments […]

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Where You Can Find The Best Ramen in Tucson

a bowl of ramen

Think back to your earliest memories of ramen. Whatever the specifics, you’ll likely recall dehydrated instant noodles, hot water and flavor packets. Maybe you still rely on Cup of Noodles or Top Ramen for a quick meal while studying, but you should know that, especially in Tucson, ramen has recently experienced some serious upgrades. The […]

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Treat Yourself to Greek Cuisine in Tucson at Opa’s Best

greek food

There’s a new restaurant located near our Tucson luxury apartments suited for those who love Greek-American cuisine. Located at 4590 East Broadway, the family owned-and-operated Opa’s Best is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Chef/owner Qais Esar and his brother, chef Nawid Esar, are bringing their traditional Greek cuisine to Tucson. The eatery offers patrons a […]

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