Make Your Own Meal at Wok Fire and Grill

Asian noodles

Looking for a funky twist on contemporary Asian cuisine? Check out Wok Fire and Grill, only a few minutes walk from our Tucson luxury apartments.

Perfect for a study night, date, or night out with your friends, Wok’s delicious bowls & rolls have got you covered for any and all occasions. Known as one of the best Asian spots in Tucson, Wok has a reputation for delivering a fine dining experience without breaking a college student’s wallet. Here are some of the top reasons to give Wok a try.

Asian Fusion

Wok doesn’t stick to just one country-it covers the whole continent with cuisine options from Mongolia, China, and even Vietnam, Each dish gives you a chance to build something entirely unique, and no two orders are exactly the same.

Build Your Own Bowl

Wok lets you create your own masterpiece, starting with a base, and then choosing a protein, noodle, and sauce. So whether you’ve been there once, twice, or twenty times, you’re always getting a new experience. When you’re done creating your entree dish, you can also add sides, rolls, and traditional Asian drinks.

Study Snacks

Just looking for a quick fix so you can get back to hitting the books? No worries. With a variety of quick snacks including bubble tea, smoothies, and Vietnamese iced coffee, Wok has plenty of options for your sugar/caffeine fix. Or, if you’re looking for a late night snack, Wok is open till 10pm seven days a week and offers delivery options. And since it’s less than a quarter mile from the doors of Sol y Luna, your dish will be there in minutes.

For easy access to Wok’s cuisine, and some of the best dining in Tucson, be sure to check out Sol y Luna apartments. For more info on downtown dining or a tour of our luxury student housing, contact us today.

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